Graphic infomercial

The design of the graph clip is divided into several steps. At the very beginning the script is written, this script is the basis of the storyboard. The script may be submitted as well as by the client, or may be designed by the company. The adaptation of the finished literary story may take place.



1. Considering that the script is just an idea, the storyboard is the part of instance. The storyboard is needed for more or less visually understanding of how the graph information in the clip will be ranged. The detail level of the storyboard depends on the sophistication instance of the certain vision.


2. Before starting the main work on writing the CG (computer graphics), the animatic must be written. For most cases the animatic can be built on basis of a storyboard.
The primal problem of the animatic is:
- conjugation of the graph information with the timing or the audio track if it exists on the hardware stage of the animatic.
In the advanced 3D boards the stage of the visualization is very time-consuming both for the engineer and the computer multiplicity. That is why the realization is divided into several stages. The most important thing before the visualization is to adjust the animatic with the 3D stage.


3. While writing the advertisement or the information graph clip the edge between the production and pre-production is rather unstructured. If we are speaking about the infographics, it is possible to refer the design and the adjustment with the client to pre-production. Speaking about the 3D we can refer the selection of the reference, modeling, texturization. Nevertheless each process is allied and we can’t insist that one or other stage is a pre-production.


4. The complexity of the animation can be different and can depend on the conception of the clip. So while writing the character animation in 3D or 2D graphics the complexity may grow higher and that may depend on the total cost of the clip.


5. Visualization – is the process of obtaining the picture approximate to the reality in the 3D editor. Its tools are:
- Illumination
- Shadows produced by the illumination
- Materials, physically correct and specially styled.


6. Compositing - is the process of the distribution of the material getting from the 3D editor. It is the same process as the aliasing the demount video with the 3D. Compositing is the final part of the writing the CG clip. Only after the assembling and color cutting may take place.


Only basic stages of the clip writing were shown in this article. It is necessary to understand that skipping one of the stages of writing may lead to the undesired event.